Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28

Snow and ice oh my!!! School was cancelled today and I didn't even make an attempt to go down our icy driveway. The kids and I watched Open Season 2 this morning and once I got Hunter to take a nap (at 2:15) I got some scrapping done. Hailey played with her Barbies and Littlest Pet Shops while I scrapped and it was so nice. I finished 2 LO's today and the story behind the pictures goes like this....I happen to work at the same daycare where Hunter is enrolled and we were all outside playing on the playground. When it was time to line up to go inside Hunter was taking his good ole' time so I decided to help his teacher and get him moving. He fell a couple times while I was trying to lead him to his other classmates. I was actually starting to get a little annoyed. I put him up on the picnic table to tie his shoe, but it wasn't untied (I thought maybe he was tripping over his shoelace). I got the rest of my class lined up to go in and wash up for lunch. Once everyone was inside Hunter kept falling. It only took a few minutes for the other teachers to notice it as well. He was coming out of the room from washing his hands and fell flat on his face. Of course he got a huge goonie on his forehead. By this time I am getting concerned so I called my mom and she said to bring him right into her office. ( she is the office manager of an orthopedic surgeons office ) To make a very long story short ~ he must have stepped wrong or something and broken one of the little bones in his foot. He wore the cast for almost 10 days and when they took it off he walked perfectly fine. He is now having some limping problems, but nothing like before. This happened in August. Poor guy!!! The second LO was of them removing the cast....he was so tough.
Stay warm!!!

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  1. I absolutely love all of your layouts. You are amazingly creative! This is great!