Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 17

What a busy day!!! I got up bright and early this morning to be sure that I got to Carlisle in time for the Weight Watchers meeting. I joined this morning and made a commitment to myself and my children to get healthier. The meeting was really fun and I am excited to go back next week. Mom and I went grocery shopping this afternoon to get all the goodies we need to start eating more healthy. We also stopped at Dress Barn, AC Moore, and Target. On our way home we picked up Egan (my nephew) so that he could come and have his very first sleepover since my sister, Abby, passed away in September. We decided that we would let him make the first move and it worked out for all of us. He is finally ready to come and spend the night here and we are ready as well. The kids just love playing and carrying on with each other!!
My picture is of my little guy Hunter. He is 2 and the "big kids" didn't want him to sleep downstairs with them because he's a baby....poor guy! He and I are hanging out right now watching a Thomas the Train movie. (notice the camoflauge pillow and the Hannah Montana blanket...he had to have sissy's

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