Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 21

Poor Hunter!!! He has had the stomach bug since Monday and this morning he woke up with a fever. I put him in the tub to see if the fever would come down and that helped, but as soon as I got back from taking Hailey to school he started crying and saying he was sleepy. (around 8:30) I put him down with a pillow, blanket, and a sippy cup full of Pedialyte. I put a Thomas the Train movie on for him and was going to cuddle, but then he started really sobbing and telling me his ear hurt. I called the Dr. right away and they told me to bring him in about 45 minutes. Talk about rush!!! I hadn't even gotten out of my pajamas from the day before and he was in a diaper. I got us both ready quick and was 5 minutes early for the appointment. He ended up having a double ear infection plus the stomach bug. YUCK!!! He's a trooper and takes his medicine like a champ. He's so used to it by now that he just goes with the flow.
Hailey and I ran to the mall tonight to exchange some jeans that I got and stopped at AC Moore so I could finish a baby shower gift for a girl at work. So ~ my pictures today are of the LO that I did for her new baby girl that is due the end of March. Her due date is 3/29, but I am secretly praying for her to be born on my sisters birthday 3/23 :) I also got to use my new Cricut Expression for the first time on a LO. I've been playing around with it and having lots of fun, but this is the first time I actually used it on a LO. I did the baby's name, flowers in different sizes, and the baby carriage in the middle of the page. I am going to tell the mommy to be once Kiersten is born she can bring me a picture and I will put it on the page for her and the smaller box is for all the pertinent info and I will add that with my cool new white gel pen....
Happy Scrappin'!!!


  1. Poor Hunter, I hope he's better soon. BTW ... What a great gift! Beautiful.

  2. I love it, I love it, I love it!! I can't wait until I can get out of this house so I can come play with your new toy too!!! Hope Hunter is better soon!