Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 25

Crap! No picture today, but I wanted to post anyway. Hunter was at the farm with his daddy today and my parents went to Albany, NY for a college basketball game so Hailey and I took advantage of the time alone. We were going to just hang out at home and scrap today, but at the very last minute decided to go to the movies instead. We went to Camp Hill Cinema and saw Hotel for Dogs. It was so cute. We both laughed out loud. Hailey is really beginning to be fun to do things with....don't get me wrong....she's always been fun and I've always loved her, but sometimes they are just too little to do things with. She is starting to want to hang out with me so I know I have to take advantage of it now because in a few years I won't be cool anymore. :) We even went to the mall so that I could take a pair of jeans back to Aeropostale to get the darn security tag taken annoyed that I couldn't wear them for a whole week til we got back down to get it taken off. So it's back to work, school, and daycare tomorrow and I'm praying that we all stay healthy this week!!! Hailey should have gotten her report card on Friday, but we were all still sick so she will get it tomorrow. I will give you an update then.
Well ~ both kiddos are asleep so I'm off to get some scrapping done til my parents get home. Sweet Dreams!!!

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