Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11

Today was such a good day!! Sunday is the day that Hunter goes to the farm and spends the day with his daddy and the rest of us usually get the house cleaned up for the week and just relax. My mom, Hailey, and I went to AC Moore today and got the rest of my Christmas present...a Cricut Expression!!! I told mom that I would rather her wait until the bundle was on sale so that we could not only get a good deal, but then I could use my gift certificates from Christmas as well. I had $60 to use towards the purchase and it was on sale for $319!!! I am so excited and I think Hail is just about as excited. We were just downstairs playing with it and it is even cooler than I imagined. So ~ my picture today is of my Cricut Expression and all the other goodies that came with it. I am working on my title page for my Book of Me and it is turning out so cute with all the help from my new toy!!

JPB ~ I love you with all my heart!! ~