Monday, March 2, 2009

It's March Already?!?!

Oh my...I can't believe it is March already. My goal this month is to make a post at least once a week. It's crazy how fast life catches up to you and before you know it a week or two has gone by. I have been so busy lately with the kids and cleaning out Abby's room that I totally forgot about my blog til it was too late and my eyes couldn't stay open any longer. We have the bedroom completely cleaned out and torn apart. My uncle came to paint it and a few days later came over and laid the hardwood floor. It's beautiful!!! I will post pictures as soon as I can. This past Friday I went to a 12 hour crop with my cousin, April, and we stayed for 6 hours. I only got 4 pages finished, but its better than nothing.

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  1. Woo - hoo!! We will crop again! I had a blast and am so glad that you were able to go too! I am excited for October's but I think we should do one before then!